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Quick Automated Document Stamping

Originally, QStamper was developed to generate and apply a QR code to a third-party document. Now, in addition to barcodes, entire images can also be applied, e.g. in the form of an account assignment stamp.

The QStamper automatically searches for a potential free area to apply the desired stamp in its full size. For non-critical stamps, there is also the configuration option to enable overprinting. Barcodes and QR codes can be equipped with corresponding labels above or below the stamp. The content of the codes is defined via the file name and the use of ReGex within the configuration file. The configuration also offers the possibility to exclude a defined area or to select different strategies for the search algorithm of a potential area. The service is used via a hotfolder function comparable to the JobRouter module JobStart.

Why should you use QStamper?

Many companies nowadays use digital documents. If the internal process is not designed for this, the digitally received documents are often printed out, processed accordingly and later digitised again via a scan. This procedure not only costs material and time, but is also bad for our environment! Furthermore, digital codes reduce the error rate in barcode processing via JobStart, as no quality is lost due to the scan not being required.

What are the application scenarios for QStamper?

QStamper is mainly used for processing third-party documents, whereby no fixed place can be defined for the desired stamp. Barcodes and QR codes can be used to assign a document to a specific process, e.g. for haulage companies to assign delivery notes to a specific tour. Individual stamps, e.g. as account assignment stamps as well as incoming or outgoing goods, can simply be applied as an image file format. If a stamp needs to be filled in, this can be done via a mobile device in the future. There is no need to print the document for further processing.


  • Automatic recognition of free spaces on a PDF document
  • Generation of a bar and QR code
  • Stamping function for bar and QR codes or image files


global IT systems GmbH

Additional software
  • Windows-Betriebssystem
  • English
  • German

Note: Please contact your support partner to check whether the product is compatible with your existing IT landscape.


  • Document Recognition
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