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Car rental & Fleet Management

Intelligent fleet management is crucial for the optimization of business processes.

Essentially, fleet management involves managing commercial vehicles such as cars, vans and trucks to ensure they’re used efficiently and safely and are well maintained. Depending on your industry, it can also include asset tracking and managing all kinds of equipment, from heavy cranes and bulldozers to trailers and generators.


  • Improve driver safety
  • Real-time updates and insights
  • Custom reporting helps increase efficiency and cuts costs
  • Improve vehicle maintenance
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Improve route planning
  • Holistic monitoring of all vehicles and users


Beck et al. Services

Business Process
Required module licenses
  • Microsoft SQL Server
Supported JobRouter® version
from version 5.1

Note: Please contact your support partner to check whether the product is compatible with your existing IT landscape.

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