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FIDIC Contract Management

Construction Industry

The unique FIDIC contract and payment management system in the JobRouter® process optimization platform allows decisions to be made in a transparent manner, based on the approvals made and with an instant visibility on the contracts and amounts paid. Predictions can also be made, depending on the deadline. After concluding a contract, JobRouter® shows the amounts paid and how much is left to pay. These issues are very important for construction companies because it is very difficult to have control over information on the ground or from very long distances.

When the process is digital, you know at any time the stage of the work, depending on the payments made and to be recorded. There are a multitude of possibilities in JobRouter®, so there is total control over the FIDIC process!

In our experience, 60% of the difficulty in managing FIDIC contracts lies with the management of contracts and payments. Creating a digital stream brings visibility to the project of creating a new building or renovation, and the contracts are automatically sent to the cost controller or project manager. If signing a paper contract takes up to 3 months, it takes place in JobRouter® in about 1-2 weeks.


  • Electronic validation and approval by the board
  • Role allocation (internal or external) Dev. Director, PM, Cost Control…
  • From this point multiple scenarios can be selected: Inhouse, General Contract, External PM
  • Management of acquisitions and electronic bid segregation
  • Custom procurement rules (exceptions and thresholds)
  • Electronic Contract Templates with an auto fill of winning bid (complete interoperability with existing systems YARDI/SAP or direct bank execution)
  • Activation of specific Contract Clauses, Claims & Disputes
  • Management of retention amounts
  • Budget management & forecast
  • Electronic management of invoices [approval and dependencies (valid insurance, bank guarantee letter…)]
  • Financial Forecast (how much was contracted, delivered & what was paid)
  • Complete Audit & Compliance overview
  • Digital Construction Book with variants and approvals (invoice payment can be conditioned)
  • Digital archive of all documents


Beck et al. Services

Business Process
Required module licenses
  • Microsoft SQL Server
Supported JobRouter® version
from version 5.1

Note: Please contact your support partner to check whether the product is compatible with your existing IT landscape.

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