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Digital tasks assignment

The aim of the project was to easily estimate the correct costs and the transparency of the time required to develop a new product or label. We have developed 2 types of flows:

• developing a new product or a private label product

• developing a new label or a new type of packaging

For each product category or label we have developed templates that make the team's work fast and transparent.


  • The task assignment process performed in the process optimization system, JobRouter, allows:
  • extracting reports on the time and cost involved, per person
  • integration with other systems used in the company, from which certain data are taken (ERP, WMS, Production mode)
  • estimating costs with analysis, materials and ingredient
  • selecting additional approvals, if necessary
  • immediate visibility of approving decisions, so that, when obtaining approvals, the originator has the option to estimate the launch date of the product
  • administration of data in the system, independently, by the responsible person in the company
  • the ability to upload documents and download forms required for some tasks
  • allocation of courts according to the type of product
  • estimating the project completion date automatically, based on the completion of the start dates
  • generating templates after each approval and the ability to add comments
  • approvers may decide to approve, reject or remand an action.

Quality Management

Beck et al. Services

Business Process
Required module licenses
  • Microsoft SQL Server
Supported JobRouter® version
from version 5.1

Note: Please contact your support partner to check whether the product is compatible with your existing IT landscape.

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